Reviews and Testimonials by Rasikas and Critics

It was a pleasure to have Jwala perform for iCarnatic Summer Music and Dance Festival. Her performance was outstanding. She danced gracefully and won the hearts of our patrons. As an organizer, it was a pleasure to work with her. We wish her all the very best and look forward to featuring her in future events.

Ravi Natarajan, Chicago, IL
31 Aug 2017

It was great working with you Jwala. You are amazing as an artist and too sweet as a person. May God Bless you many more successes. JMK

Dr. Rajendra Kedlaya, Indianapolis
Yakshagana Artists, Researcher
Nrityapriya Fine Arts inc.,
21 July 2017

Jwala. You danced like the great Tamil actress and dancer Padmini who was famous in Bharatanatyam in the 1960s and 1970s . We all enjoyed. May God bless you with more knowledge and we all see you one day as the best artist in this world

Sathya Murthy Thulasiraman , Indianapolis
About the performance in Sri Rama Charitham by Nrityapriya Fine Arts inc.,
22 July 2017

I am a big fan of you are one of the most expressive Bharatanatyam dancers I have ever seen. . Keep up the great work!

Dr.Amudan Venkateswaran, Indianapolis
About Sri Rama Charitham by Nrityapriya Fine Arts inc.,
21 July 2017

I am delighted to see Jwala come of age from a budding artist to a more mature performer with her natural expressions and graceful movements who was undoubtedly the center of attraction in her role as Sita! It was commendable to see all the artists work hard to present this delightful event !

Dr. Sridhara Ramanna, Indianapolis
About Sri Rama Charitham by Nrityapriya Fine Arts inc.,
23 July 2017

Highly talented young dancer. It was amazing to see her blossom as a professional. Very committed too.

Sri. V. V. Sundaram
Secretary, Cleveland Thayagaraja Aradhana,
About performance at Chidambaram Natyanjali
21 March 2016

Jwala performed an intense seeker of Lord Shiva wondering and in awe to a Nayika who comes out confident about her Nayaka, Lord Vishnu, and a mother who with all love and affection disciplines her dear son Krishna. Quite an expansive range of emotions she displayed... Looking forward to watch her performances.

Sri. Bhavanvitha Venkat, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India
Dance Critic, Priyalasya publishing, India
20 Dec 2015

It was a genuine pleasure watching excerpts from the classical dance performance videos of Jwala. I am agreeably surprised by her understanding of the Bharatanatyam dance form, her precocious dedication to it and reserves of expressiveness. At such a young age, Jwala emerges as a promising dancer. My compliments to her and her gurus.

Dr. S D Desai, India
Performing Arts Critic, Contributor to Narthaki, Attendance, Nartanam & Sruti
26 Oct 2015

Kumari Jwala Rejimon is a gifted Bharatanatayam dancer. I had the opportunity to see her enormous talent, devotion, and passion for dance at her Arangetram on August 15, 2015. At this breathtaking performance, I thought that I was sitting in a higher Court and witnessing the veneration of deities. Jwala gave a performance that left her venerable dance and music teachers, and the audience in awe and speechless. We rejoiced in the feeling that we were witnessing a young talent rise to stardom beyond her years before our eyes.

KP Singh, Indianapolis, USA
Artist, Author, Public Speaker
27 Aug 2015

Jwala's Bharatanatyam arangetram performance was truly of professional quality - far beyond what one may expect from an entry-level effort. She truly lived up to her name Jwala - she fired up the audience with her flame....

Melkote Ramaswamy, Indianapolis, USA
Writer, Public speaker
16 Aug 2015

"Music is my life and dance is my passion" - is the mantra of Jwala Rejimon. Passion is the driving force behind hard work, perseverance and pursuit of excellence. The culmination of all of those was witnessed by a very large audience on August 15th when Jwala graduated from Bharatanatyam training with a superb performance at her Arangetram. I have attended many of the Arangetrams but her performance was the best I have seen.Jwala shows great promise and will definitely make a mark for herself in fine arts. I wish her continued success in her pursuit of fine arts.

Ram Ravindran, Indianapolis
Editor, Baharati Newsletter
1 Aug 2015

Jwala started Bharathanatyam lessons with me at a very young age. She was very passionate about dance and was always willing to learn the intricate techniques of it. She followed her practice schedule regularly and would always be prepared for the class. I am so glad she has progressed into a beautiful dancer

Subha Prasanna, Chicago, USA
Bharatanatyam Dancer, Performer
28 July 2014

It always amazes me when I watch Jwala perform. There is such a wonderful balance of nritta and abhinaya. A very graceful dancer indeed. All the very best wishes for Jwala!

Aparna Satheesan, Indianapolis, USA
12 Dec 2014

Jwala was a refreshing presence in the New World Youth Orchestras. Her playing was beautiful and cleverly controlled, and her personality was bright and positive. In addition to playing flute and piccolo in our top orchestra, she also won one of our concerto competitions.

Adam Bodony, Indianapolis, USA
Orchestra Conductor
15 Feb 2015

I have worked with Jwala in a master class and also in a private lesson in Indianapolis- both times it was truly a joyful journey to see her improving so quickly as I suggested her a few things. Not only she is extremely intelligent, but I also value her warm personality and such eagerness to play beautiful music. Because performing is a transparent activity which automatically reflects who you are inside, and in the next many years I would love to hear more of what Jwala has to say from inside out.

Jasmine Choi, Daejon, South Korea
Flutist, Solo Performer
27 June 2015

It was our privilege to make a Flute for Jwala. Even more meaningful, though, has been watching Jwala soar to new heights with her flute. It is obvious how dearly she values the instrument and with it, has been able to express the music from within that is uniquely HER. When we presented the flute to Jwala, we wished her a lifetime of JOY with her instrument. Now, we see her giving JOY through her music to so many others. It is finest and most humbling tribute any flute maker could ever receive.

David Straubinger, Indianapolis, USA
Flute maker
20 June 2015

Jwala is really an awesome dancer and great upcoming artist. My all good wishes and blessings for her.

Swati Bhardwaj, Noblesville, USA
Kathak Dancer
10 June 2014

When I see Jwala dancing, I can see her passion and love for dance. One can fall in love with the dance when you watch her dance. Good Luck and Wishing you success. Eager to see you at your arangetram.

Shanti Panicker, Fishers, Indiana, USA
2 Mar 2015

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